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One Day

I Won't Take This AnyMore

It'S JuSt ThAt SiMpLe
22 March
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"This is who I am and this is what I like:
GC Sum And Blink and MxPx Rockin My room
If you looking for me I'll be at the show
I could never find a better place to go
Until the Day I Die
I Promise I won't change
So you better give up
I don't wanna be told to grow up
And I'm not gonna change
I just wanna have fun
I don't wanna be told to grow up
And I'm not gonna change, so you better give up."

"She Has Two Arms To Hold Me
And Four Legs To Wrap Around Me
She's Not Your Typical Girlfriend
My Alien

"Now It's Just Too Late
And We Can't Go Back
I'm Sorry
I Can't Be

"I Can't Be Too Cool In A Tree With My Pants Down
The Air Is Cold And I've Got Splinters In My Feet..."

10thingsihateaboutyou, 50cent, adam lamberg, adam sandler, alastair mackenzie, all american rejects, america's sweethearts, any john cusack movies, any johnny depp movies, aqua, arthur, batman, better off dead, billy crystal, billy joel, blink-182!, boo, bouncing souls, bowling for soup, boxcar racer, britany murphy, buffy the vampire slayer(movie), cameron diaz, can't hardly wait, catherine zeta-jones, channel 2, chevelle, chicago, chicken parmesan, christina aguilera, chuck, cillian murphy, david, debbie gibson, denis leary, disney movies, donald o'connor, drew barrymore, encino man, eve 6, finch, finding nemo, gene kelly, ghetto everything, gob, good charlotte!, green day, grover, harry potter, heath ledger, high fidelity, hilary duff, hugh jackman, immaturity, jack nicholson, jackie, james taylor, jason mraz, jeff, jenn, jewel, jimmy stewart, joe!!, john cusack, john lennon, johnny depp, jonny was, josie and the pussycats, julia roberts, julia stiles, julie, junie b. jones, kate and leopold, kate hudson, kelly clarkson, king of the hill, letters to cleo, lexie, lfo!, lydia, lynne, madcap, mandy moore, marisa, matthew lillard, michael jackson, michael keaton, midtown, minor threat, monarch of the glen, monsters inc, monty python, mxpx, nelly, new found glory!, nofx, oasis, paris hilton, paula abdul, peter frampton, phil collins, pierre, queen, reality bites, resident evil, resident evil 2(etc), riddlin' kids, ron, rupert grint, ryan, save ferris, saying mad, sean paul, sebastian, seinfeld, senses fail, serendipity, seth, seth green, simple plan!, sleeping, someone like you, stairwell, superman, that 70's show, the b-52's, the beatles, the black knight, the bloodhound gang, the calling, the drew carey show, the early november, the kinks, the movielife, the muppets, the o.c, the simpsons, the sims, theatre, tom petty, trapt, vanilla ice, vendetta red, wwwwbbwa, x-men, young frankenstein, your mom, zombies